Volunteer at ZSFG - Make a Difference!

With over 1500 volunteers at ZSFG, we strive to reach ZSFG’s True North vision to be the best hospital by exceeding patient expectations and advancing community wellness in a patient centered, healing environment. As an auxiliary staff member, you will be able to positively impact someone’s life and become an integral part of our ZSFG staff.  

With ZSFG being the only Trauma Center in San Francisco, it is imperative that we receive the support of dedicated men, women, and youth who volunteer their time to assist in the care for over 100,000 patients per year. 

We hope that you do consider volunteering at ZSFG and become a vital part of our team with many opportunities to choose from.  

Becoming a Volunteer

In order to become a volunteer please click here to see the list of departments who are currently recruiting for volunteers. 

To become a volunteer, your first step is to review the departments who are currently recruiting for volunteers and connect with the contact person listed in the department. If you are an ideal candidate, the prospective department will contact Volunteer Services and we will communicate the volunteer process with you via e-mail.

*Please note that we are unable to accommodate group volunteering.

Age Requirement

Individuals 16 years and older are eligible to volunteer at ZSFG.

Time commitment

Volunteers must commit to a schedule. Together the volunteer, the hospital department, and Volunteer Services will determine schedules. A commitment of at least six months and a total of 100 hours must be performed within 12 months of being active – this equates to at least 1 shift a week (4 hour shift). Volunteers are limited to volunteering 8 hours in one day.

Before deciding to volunteer, please consider the time commitment and make sure you are able to commit to a consistent schedule.