Q: What happens after the 6-month period ends?

A: After 6 months and 100 hours of service, volunteers have the following options.
    They can:

  • Continue to volunteer in their current assignment
  • Ask to be placed in another assignment
  • Discontinue their volunteering altogether

We encourage volunteers to continue volunteering beyond their 6 month commitment, however, if volunteers decide to discontinue their service, we ask for a notice 2 weeks in advance. 

Q: Do volunteers receive incentives/privileges?

A: Service volunteers receive incentives/privileges, i.e. meal card and parking permit. On the other hand, Research and Visiting volunteers do not receive incentives/privileges.

Q: I am an EMT/Paramedic; can I volunteer in the Emergency Department for exposure and clinical hours?

A: Unfortunately, individuals who hold certifications or licenses cannot use their clinical skills while volunteering. The only certification that is allowed to be used, while under the direction of a provider or nurse, is the BLS/CPR certification. Volunteers will have a number of different duties, i.e. prepping gurneys, refilling oxygen tanks, wayfinding and interacting with families in the hospital, acting as a messenger, restocking clinical supplies, and many more. 

Q: Do you have shadowing opportunities? If so, how does it work?

A: ZSFG allows shadowing opportunities. This type of opportunity is referred to as a Visiting Volunteer. Please click here (Hyperlink to Types of Volunteers page) to learn more about Visiting Volunteers. 

Q: I need to volunteer a certain amount of hours for a class/program. Will you be able to accommodate me? 

A: If service hours will count towards a class in order to receive credit, this will be referred to as an Internship Placement. Please click here.

Q: I am only visiting for 2 weeks. Will you be able to accommodate me?

A: Due to the time invested in the process and training of a new volunteer, we require volunteers to commit to a minimum of 6 months or 100 hours. 

Q: What are the age requirements for volunteers?

A: We will accept individuals 16 years and older to volunteer. Individuals under the age of 18 must first be approved by the department and have a parent or guardian sign our parent/guardian consent form (This form will be given once the individual under the age of 18 is accepted to volunteer). 

If the department requires fingerprinting, individuals 17 years and under are not eligible to volunteer, as the Department of Human Resources will not fingerprint individuals under the age of 18. 

Q: Is a quantiferon test acceptable in lieu of a PPD skin test (TB)?

A: Quantiferon tests are acceptable if it was done within 3 months. A TB skin test will then be administered on the day of the appointment. Please contact our Occupational Health Services (OHS) for more information. They can be reached at (415) 206-6581.