Current Volunteer FAQ


Q: How do I volunteer in 2 departments simultaneously? Is this possible?

A: Volunteers who have 50 or more hours completed in their current assignment can take up another assignment. This will be another 100 hour commitment on top of their first assignment (total of 200 hours).

Q: I’m taking time off, what do I need to do? Who do I need to communicate with?

A: If volunteers will be taking time off, they must communicate with their department supervisor and as well as the Volunteer Office. If there is no communication between the volunteer office and the volunteer, and the volunteer has not provided service within 90 days, their profile and service hours will be deleted. Thereafter, they will have to restart the process over again.

Q: Am I required to receive the flu vaccine?

A: Volunteers are encouraged to receive the flu vaccine during the flu season. However, if they decline, they will be required to wear a flu mask within 3 feet of a patient.

Q: Can I volunteer more than 8 hours in 1 day?

A: Other than volunteer doulas, volunteers are limited to 8 hours of service in one day. 

Q: What happens if I go on vacation and come back (i.e. health requirements for OHS). 

A: An annual TB is the only thing that is needed. If your TB Clearance has not yet expired, you may continue to volunteer. However, if you leave and your TB Clearance expires, you will need to renew your TB with our Occupational Health Services Department.

Q: What happens if I leave volunteering and come back (i.e. fingerprinting)

A: If volunteers resign or are let go from their department, they are required to be fingerprinted if they are to come back. However, if volunteers will be going on vacation – and communication has been made between their department supervisor as well as the Volunteer Office – they will not be required to be fingerprinted again. 

Q: When a volunteer goes on a 2-3 month break (vacation or school), and OHS has not yet expired, do they need to renew? 

A: No, if volunteers take a break and come back, and they are within 1 year of their TB Clearance expiring, they can resume their volunteer service. 

Q: How do I become a volunteer?  

Step One:
Identify a volunteer opportunity that you are interested in. To review available positions, follow this link.

Step Two: Via email reach out to the volunteer lead listed  on the position description. You may apply to more than one position, however, you can only initiate service in one assignment. Please express your interest and attach your resume. The contact person will respond with next steps on the selection process. 

Step Three: If your placement is approved, the contact person will inform our office and the Volunteer Office will email you volunteer clearance and onboarding instructions. 

Q: How long does it take before I can start volunteering? 

A: Before initiating service, volunteers must complete the volunteer clearance process. This can take 2-3 weeks and is dependent upon how quickly the volunteer completed requirement (i.e. online application, online orientation and health clearance.) 

Q: What is a service Volunteer? 

A: Please click here  to see different types of volunteers.

Q: Which departments require fingerprinting? 

A: Any volunteer providing services to children and geriatric patients require fingerprinting. These departments typically include: Nursery, Pediatrics, Family Birth Center, Skilled Nursing and Acute Care for the Elderly.

Q: How do I receive an OHS clearance form? 

A: After you complete the online orientation and pass the quiz at the end with a 20/20, you will be asked to print the OHS clearance form. If you are having trouble downloading the form, you may request one by contacting the Volunteer Office.  

Q: Is it possible to volunteer in Pharmacy, billing, or coding? 

A: Due to patient confidentiality and safety, volunteer opportunities in these departments are limited and are typically pre-arranged by the department’s manager and volunteer.  

Q: Do you offer internships or externships?

A: Internships and externships are coordinated through the Department of Education and Training. Please click here to see information about internships.

Q: My OHS expired, what do I do next? 

A: All volunteers need to update their Occupational Health Services (OHS) clearance once a year; OHS clearance expires one year from the date of clearance. Volunteers may not volunteer with an expired health clearance. If you do not know your expiration date or your OHS has expired, please contact the Volunteer Office and we will provide next steps. 

Q: How do I request a letter of verification? 

A: Please contact the Volunteer Office if you like to request a letter verifying your volunteer hours. Hospital policy precludes Volunteer Services from providing letters of recommendation. Please give us two weeks to process verification letters.

Q: Which departments require uniform? 

A: The departments that require uniforms are; Emergency Department, Doulas, Urgent Care, Radiology, Med-Surg, and 5A Women Center. Department managers for additional positions may require volunteer uniforms. 

Q: What type of payments are accepted when purchasing uniforms? 

A: To purchase uniforms, we accept check, money order, or debit/credit card. We do not accept cash payments. 

Q: How do I get a meal Card? 

A: Once you have been processed by the volunteer office and become an official volunteer, you are eligible to request a meal card. Please contact the volunteer office via email, phone call or in person during office hours.

Q: I wasn't able to singing in or out, how do I log my hours? 

A: You can email and the volunteer office at to request hours be adjusted. Please note: your supervisor must confirm the dates and hours of service.